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'Pay as you wish' access

I fully appreciate that different people practice their yoga differently - you might like to access an online class everyday, you might only have time for a couple of sessions a week, or maybe you're just looking for the odd online class here and there to supplement face-to-face classes.  And everyone's financial situation is different too.  As such, rather than stipulating a set price for access to the Online Library, I instead ask that you pay on a regular basis what you think these sessions are worth to you - with a suggested minimum contribution of £9.99 a month.


To start your access, let me know what you would like to pay each month using the Sign Up button below.  I'll send you a link to set up a direct debit for that amount, and a wealth of online classes are yours!  Of course, if your situation means you can't pay right now, that's fine too - this is yoga for everyone - so just get in touch!

Don't forget, if you already pay for your in-person classes by subscription (rolling monthly or weekly direct debit payments), your online access is already included!  

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