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Snow Moon Signals The Welcome Beginning Of Spring

This second full moon of 2021 rises over us this weekend - the Snow Moon. The last of winter, it symbolises the beginning of spring, which feels more welcome this year than ever!!

It will be at its fullest at 8.17am Saturday morning, but will appear full in the sky on both Friday and Saturday night. And if you're looking for the perfect moonset - check it out around 7.30am Saturday morning. As well as providing a stunning celestial spectacle, it's also the perfect time to roll out your mat and practice your Moon salutations - one of my absolute favourite flows.

Moon Salutations, or Chandra Namasakar, are effectively the Yin to our Sun Salutation’s Yang. While our Sun Salutations are active and warming, channelling our masculine ‘sun’ energy, our Moon Salutations channel feminine energy from the moon and so are more cooling and soothing (but will still provide a lovely stretch and can of course be adapted to offer more challenge should you wish).

I like to practise Moon Salutations in the evening - the meditative, calming quality of the flow helps to form a strong connection to the breath, which in turn helps prepare the body and mind for a restful night’s sleep. But it offers a great wake up and stretch for in the morning too - just see which you prefer. I'd love to know what you think. Enjoy. And have a happy Snow Moon! x

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